Advantage Community Management

Advantage Packages!

While Advantage Community Management (ACM) will tailor a management plan to fit your specific neighborhood needs, we offer the following most common management options which communities choose. Packages may be adapted to a unique requirement in your community.

I. Accounting Management and Administrative Support Package:

With expert Accounting personnel, ACM can provide all phases of Accounts Payable and Receivable support for your community. The Board of Directors and/or Committee structure may wish to self-manage some aspects of the community operations, such as Landscape management or Pool maintenance, or even Covenant adherence. Through Financial, Administrative and Collections services, ACM will provide the necessary accounting and administrative functions to produce a fiscally responsible management program. Our support services will ensure a professional administrative appearance for your community. Please see a more detailed listing in Primary Management Services.

II. Accounting Management/Administrative Support Plus Covenant Enforcement Package:

In addition to our Accounting package above, ACM will provide an experienced approach to enforcing your Covenant Standards, Rules and Regulations. Having an experienced manager makes all the difference! Rather than having ill will among neighbors or becoming embroiled in a lawsuit that drains the Association’s funds, please allow our experienced managers help you avoid these pitfalls that plague so many communities! This package may include physical inspections of the community or, to reduce cost, the Board of Directors and/or Committee members may choose to notify our manager of violation or modification letters to be sent. Some Board’s choose this option to provide a “third party” to address Covenant violations and perhaps Modification Requests. Our experienced approach to Covenant governance can become a buffer between the Board and an upset homeowner. ACM will help you stay in control of your neighborhood by providing you with our Accounting/Administrative Plus Covenant Enforcement Package. Please see a more detailed listing in Primary Management Services.

III. Full Management Package:

In addition to our Accounting/Administrative Package and our Covenant Enforcement Package, our Full Management Package provides for complete oversight of association financial, administrative and physical operations. Our oversight will include management of all contractors and vendors, facility reviews by maintenance specialists as well as service from expert maintenance technicians. Meeting attendance, monthly management reports and twenty-four hour/seven days per week emergency service also highlight our Full Management Package. Please see a more detailed listing in Primary Management Services.

Primary Management Services

Below is a listing of the primary management services provided by ACM. However, other services are available. If you do not see a needed service, please ask! Thank you for considering ACM to be your management partner!

Financial and Administrative Services

  • Assessment Billing and Collection
  • Financial Reporting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Reserve/Capital Expense Advisement
  • Newsletter Assistance
  • New Member Welcome Packages
  • Resale Coordination
  • Community Website
  • Meeting Coordination and Attendance
  • Tax Return Preparation and Assistance
  • Budget Preparation and Monitoring
  • Homeowner Directory
  • Record Maintenance and Storage
  • General and Specific Mailings
  • Homeowner Correspondence
  • Clubhouse Reservations

Collections Services

  • Late and Demand Letters
  • Liens
  • Collection Status Reporting
  • Legal Services Management

Covenant Enforcement Services

  • Property Inspections
  • Covenant Enforcement Reports
  • Violation Correspondence
  • Fining or Suspensions
  • Meeting Attendance (Optional)
  • Architectural Standards Enforcement
  • Modification Request Assistance
  • Architectural Advisement
  • Rules and Regulations Production
  • Covenant and Rule Legal Comprehension

Contractor Management Services

  • Maintenance Services
  • Work Orders and Tracking
  • Online Maintenance Requests
  • Management Reports
  • Bid Solicitation and Contract Review
  • Property Inspections
  • Organize Community Meetings
  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Service

Developer Services

  • Amenity Planning
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Committee Organization
  • Development of Governing Documents
  • Budget Production
  • Transition and Turnover Coordination

ACM also provides Consultation Services for Self-Managed Communities.